Didge Yoga : ArnhemLand meets India in Bali

by DrDidge Dolphin

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ArnhemLand meets India in Bali
I Dr Didge have been a student of yidaki for the past 21 years
I have spent the last 10 years living and working as a
medical doctor in Nth East Arnhem Land home of the
Yolngu Aboriginal people.I am adopted by Djalu Gurruwiwi
yidaki master of Galpu Clan and senior custodian of Dhuwa moeity.
Djalu named me Mutjalanydjal-meaning dolphin.
I have come to understand its the job and right of traditional
aboriginal people to do manikay(song and dance)and the job
of contemporary aboriginals-white fellas is to do something else.
Traditionally the yidaki is the deepest level of law.As a doctor I have
chosen to use yidaki for health-this in itself is very different from cultural use.
In this CD I have chosen to use 12 different keyed yidakis with
different rhythms and tempos,5 mins each.Fused with Indian Tabla
and Sruthi they form the basis of the Double Rainbow Didge Band
I have been a student of yoga and meditation since high school and
have been to 3 Kumbha Melas-last one in Haridwar Nth India April 2010
It was in Ubud Bali the concept and actualization of didge yoga
manifested.Bali is steeped in Hindu mythology and the Balinese
flute(suling) is circular breathed so it was a fitting place for this didge yoga
album. I have called it didge yoga because like yoga the didgeridoo
needs to be practiced regularly in order to achieve full health
benefits.Circular breathing is a doorway to consciousness and
gateway to “the dreaming”.Each breathing rhythm and key brings a
different state of being.
To the didge enthusiasts, play along and practice your different
breath cycles.To others, use for meditation,yoga,dance or general easy listening.
I offer this music in loving respect and gratitude to the indigenous
peoples of this world who honour and care for our great mother “Gaia”.
I pay particular respect to Yolngu aboriginal people the custodians of yidaki
and to the “spirit man”- Ganbulabula, the demi god of didgeridoo.
Sincerely- Dr Didge Dolphin Arpana
Track 1:C 120bpm 4:4
Track 2:C# 130bpm 5:4
Track 3:D 140bpm 6:4
Track 4:D# 150bpm 7:4
Track 5:E 160bpm 10:4
Track 6:F 170bpm 12:4
Track 7:F# 180bpm 14:4
Track 8:G 190bpm 16:4
Track 9:G# 200bpm 24:8
Track 10:A 210bpm 32:8
Track 11:A# 220bpm 48:8
Track 12:B 110bpm 64:8
For didge yoga students bilma(clap sticks) on 1 beats,
yidaki calls and toots on last beats.
Eg C4:1234,C#5:12123,D6:123123,D#7:1231234,E10:1234121234


released October 28, 2013

Recorded by Robert Weber at Saraswati studios Ubud. Juergen Taruna for editing and mastering at Stargate Studios Ubud. Ogan for frontcover artwork and Mark Burton for cd compilation.



all rights reserved


Dr Didge Dolphin Byron Bay, Australia

Dr Didge Dolphin is a musician as well as a doctor.
Adopted by yidaki master Djalu Gurruwiwi in ArnhemLand and given the Yolngu name Mutjalanydjal (dolphin).
Dr Didge has recorded over 30 cds from sound healing, didgeridoo subsonics, animal medicine music, whalesong and whalefusion to modern tribal grooves and world fusion. Dr Didge plays in aboriginal band Coloured Stone and the Whaledreamers.
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