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Inspired by a live recording of a Sacred Sound Journey at the Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali with Dr Didge Dolphin (didgeridoo, drums, sticks and flute), ShamanaTara on vocals and Shervin Boloorian on sacred instruments, accompanied by majestic humpback whale song.
We made this music as an offering to Shiva/Shakti to God/Goddess our Father/Mother God. It arose from our love and is our humble offering to God and each other. We believe this music balances the masculine and feminine in all.
We invite you to sing and tone, to dance and stretch and go really deep in meditation or relaxation. Our wish is to awaken the god and goddess within you. Allow yourself to flow deep in the river of our love, for the peace and healing of all life on our beautiful planet.
Hari Om Tat Sat Blessed Be
ShamanaTara and Arpana (Sharpana)


released February 1, 2014

Dr Didge Dolphin (Arpana) : didgeridoo, shaman drum, vocals, clap sticks, flute and shakers.
ShamanaTara : female vocals.
Shervin Boloorian : sacred instruments and voice.
Humpback Whalesong : recorded Oct 2013 East Coast Australia.
Juergen Taruna : editing and mastering at Stargate studios Malang, Java, Indonesia.
Prof. Mark Burton : layout and cd duplication.

Contact : drdidgedolphin@dolphinsdownunder.com.au www.dolphinsdownunder.com.au
shamanatara@shamanatara.com Facebook : Shamana Tara
Ph : Bali +6282147595623 Australia +61428853352 Facebook : DrDidge Dolphin



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Dr Didge Dolphin Byron Bay, Australia

Dr Didge Dolphin is a musician as well as a doctor.
Adopted by yidaki master Djalu Gurruwiwi in ArnhemLand and given the Yolngu name Mutjalanydjal (dolphin).
Dr Didge has recorded over 30 cds from sound healing, didgeridoo subsonics, animal medicine music, whalesong and whalefusion to modern tribal grooves and world fusion. Dr Didge plays in aboriginal band Coloured Stone and the Whaledreamers.
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Track Name: Tri Sandya A#
Om bhur bhuwah svah
tat savitur varenyam
bhargo devasya dhimahi
dhiyo yo nah pracodayat

Om Narayana evedam sarvam
yad bhutam yac ca bhavyam
niskalanko niranjano
nirvikalvo nirakhyatah
suddho deva eko
Narayano na dvitiyo 'sti kascit

Om tvam sivah tvam mahadevah
isvarah paramesvarah
brahma visnusca rudrasca
purusah parikirtitah

Om papo 'ham papakarmaham
papatma papasambhavah
trahi mam pundarikaksah
sabahya bhyantarah sucih

Om ksamasva mam mahadevah
sarvaprani hitankarah
mam moca sarva papebhyah
palayasva sada siva

Om ksantavyah kayiko dosah
ksantavyo vaciko mama
ksantavyo manaso dosah
tat pramadat ksamasva mam

Om Santih Santih Santih Om